Jared Leto's Joker Is Getting A Solo Film, And For Some Reason...

Actor Jared Leto attends the world premiere of 'Suicide Squad' (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

There were several reasons to dislike Suicide Squad, perhaps too many for a single article, but Jared Leto’s cringy Joker suffered the brunt of the criticism, no doubt due to the immense popularity of the comic book character.

The Joker has been portrayed by a variety of fantastic actors over the decades, all of whom have had their own unique spin on the madman, making Leto’s supremely embarrassing depiction of an “edgy” tween punk rocker hurt so much more than it should have.

But Warner Brosseems to have made the baffling decision to go ahead with a solo movie starring Leto, despite the fact that another solo Joker movie is already in the works, an origin story rumored to star Joaquin Phoenix.

I do, admittedly, have a certain admiration for DC’s new direction, to forge a disconnected “cinematic universe,” where they can experiment with multiple depictions of one character. It’s closer to the approach of the comic books and could result in some really interesting stories, as there’s no pressure to conform to a monolithic tone, which is the most common criticism directed at Marvel.   

But giving Leto’s tattooed teen another chance? No thanks. Leto was rightfully disappointed with the way his character’s story was butchered in the editing, but from what we saw of his leering performance, he just wasn’t the right guy for the part.

It takes a great actor to play a good villain, a better one to play a convincing madman. And the iconic blend of frightening and funny that the Joker requires calls for some serious acting chops, especially after Heath Ledger raised the bar sky-high.

The childish pranks Leto reportedly played behind the scenes add to the argument that the man didn’t really understand what he was doing. Trying to get into the mindset of a lunatic must be immensely difficult, but it doesn’t mean you have to send your fellow cast-members used condoms - that’s not method acting, that’s just disgusting.

But I have a feeling this questionable idea is just that - an idea. The number of potential Suicide Squad spin-offs thrown into the air is just getting silly: Birds of Prey, a Harley Quinn solo movie, Suicide Squad 2, and now, “Joker: A Batman Story.” It’s not likely to happen.

Fans expressed their immense dislike of Jared’s Joker ever since that promo pic with the word “damaged” tattooed on his forehead appeared. Now, Leto can’t be blamed for his terrible character design, but he can be blamed for a performance that fails to elicit any emotion other than laughter (and not because he’s funny).

Not to mention, there’s been some extremely unsavory rumors swirling around Leto for years, even a particularly pointed accusation coming from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, made in a public Twitter post.

Yeesh. This film already sounds like another nail in DC’s coffin - might be best to throw the idea out the window, along with the solo Nightwing movie and the sequel for Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern.

Main source: Forbes.com


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